Top sources to buy a car in Palestine

This blog is how our team see the current state of the Vehicle Market in Palestine.

Buying a car in Palestine is not very much different than buying a car anywhere else in the world, but we Palestinians tend to complicate things a little bit more which often force us to pay a higher price for cars and not very often get the best deal. Of course, other factors play a role that are out of our control and which we will not bore you with, as almost all writings about Palestine mention them, but mainly when it comes to buying a car, having to pay taxes to multiple authorities is on top of the list.

So you want to buy a new car, let us first wish you good luck and advise you to look at more than one media source but mainly checkout our site for listings that suits different budgets and requirements.

Now and without further ado, you first need to decide on your budget and figure out how you intend to source the fund to buy your car. The easiest way and the one to most certainly get you the best deal is to have the money in cash or somewhere in a bank account that you can handover against your new shinny car. Other and more common ways that we have seen after running Arad Palestine for over a year are:

  • Installments
  • Half – Half
  • Payment and Checks
  • All Checks
  • Guaranteed checks (don’t ask us what is the difference between this and normal checks)
  • Exchange with another car
  • Exchange with paying the difference
  • Exchange against a property or land (not sure why would someone want to do this as a car will most likely depreciate and a property will most likely appreciate in value)
  • and many other ways that you can literally write a book about

All of the above often adds levy to the cash price bringing the price of the car even higher than it already is.

Once you have settled on a budget, you need to start looking at your options. The options that you have go hand in hand with the budget that you have and often dictate where from you are going to buy your car. In Palestine as almost anywhere else in the world your top options are;

Straight up from authorized manufacturer’s dealers

This is the first option for buyers with high budgets, as they can buy a zero millage car from the current inventory of the dealers. They can also spec their new car to their individual specifications such as choosing the color, engine size, transmission, upholstery and many other options depending on availability. Do expect long waiting time if you opt to individualize your car as the dealer will first have to find and book an empty spot on the manufacturing line before sending the order through. Then after manufacturing, you have to wait more for shipping, handling and custom clearance before registering the car and finally handing it over to the buyer.

Second Hand / Used Cars Showrooms

This is good for medium to high budget buyers. We have seen exquisite and good quality cars offered by showrooms. The majority of the cars sold by these showrooms are cars with low to medium millage imported directly from European countries, Korea, Middle East and few North American examples. Buying a car from showrooms often provide the buyer some peace of mind as most showrooms will hold inventories that are regularly serviced, not crashed with careful previous owners and generally of good aesthetic appeal. Some showrooms can even source a particular type of vehicle depending on the buyer’s requirements. The service include finding the car, finalizing its purchase and importing it to Palestine. In this case, an upfront payment of the car price upon sourcing will usually be required. Some Sophisticated showrooms in Palestine with considerable experience to source high quality cars are becoming the de facto choice for some buys of high budge cars.

Second Hand / individual purchase

Medium to low budget buyers often opt for this option. This can be a hit or miss opportunity. We have seen examples of cars with low millage that are few years old being sold by owner’s for renewal purposes. We have also seen high quality privately imported cars that are not even registered and nicely spec’d. On the other hand, we have seen examples of undesirable cars that their previous owner abused and in general did not maintain. A budget conscious buyer can opt for what we call a “Project Car”, meaning that after buying a cheap and unmaintained car it can be taken to one of Palestine’s highly qualified mechanics for maintenance and some fixes, which can server the new owner for some years to come.

Do however, and in any case, double check the quality of the car that you intend to buy from any source for regular service and anything else that you see our of the ordinary.

Despite many difficulties, limitations and high costs the automotive sector in Palestine is healthy and performing well. The sector including Wholesale and Retail Trade, Repair of Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles in 2017 and according to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics had more than 81,000 registered Private sector establishments. The sector in 2016 generated over US$ 2.4 Billion that is more than 18% of the Palestinian economy.

Palestine in general has a car loving culture, especially among youngsters who individualize their cars either by adding high performance parts and engine remapping or by adding stickers and logos to their car to make it stand out from others.

Going back to our topic, and despite high costs, with little patience and good haggling style, you can find a good deal that can suit your budget.