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At Arad, our ultimate goal is to be the go to website for anything involving
Cars for Sale in Palestine
Motorcycles for Sale in Palestine
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Buses for Sale in Palestine
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Meaning and Purpose of Arad


We were asked a lot what does Arad mean. The word Arad comes from Arabic and it basically means Want.

Our Goal

Our aim is to be the go to website in Palestine for anything on wheels. This of course is by providing a high quality website that is clear and easy to navigate for both sellers and potential consumers.

Rules and Regulations of Arad

Vehicle Ownership

Arad does not own any of the Cars, Motorcycles, Trucks, Buses, Machines or any other automobile advertised for sale on the site. Vehicles for sale on Arad are either owned by individuals or companies and / or showrooms operating in Palestine.


Arad is committed to continuous development and improvement to the site. Arad team will do its best to audit and edit listings to make sure that Details Provided by automobiles / vehicle owners are accurate and correct.

Advertising a single car for sale by individuals is free on Arad. It is possible to advertise another car / automobile for sale using another cell phone number. For registered car showrooms or car resellers, it is possible to advertise up to three cars for free without any intervention from Arad Team.

Companies and / or auto showrooms interested in advertising more than three cars / automobiles for sale, the website offers a special dedicated web page for these companies with the possibility of displaying unlimited number of cars for sale on the site.


All car photos are owned by the car owner or are available from open sources


We are committed to keeping advertisements level to the minimum. If we add any this will never affect user experience.
Arad is not responsible for any misguidance or information provided by any user. Arad team will continuously monitor and delete misleading listings, or advise users how to improve their listings to make it more accessible to Arad site users.

Contact Arad Team :

Your can contact our team on the following details:

WhatsApp: +972 594 1200 80
Facebook: @aradpalestine
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Arad will not accept or receive phone calls.

Showrooms & Dealers

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